Wednesday, July 14, 2010

today was a good day

Not all of my days have been good days lately. I couldn't tell you the root cause, exactly. Just that I've been incredibly disorganized. I've been sick. Haven't wanted to do much, lack of energy, blah blah.

But not this week. And not today. Today was a good day. Today was a work-from-home day. Which meant it started with me walking Charlie down to his babysitters.

The view out my front door.

I opened the door to quite possibly the finest weather we've had all summer. A perfect, 70 degree morning. Birds chirping, neighbors waving and leaving for work. I took my time, going at Charlie's pace. Which meant we stopped to look at bugs and just pause for no apparent reason.

Then it was a quiet, empty house and full pot of coffee to myself. Me and my laptop.


But I could take breaks. And go out to my back patio where the L.A. sun was shiny and iridescent like only the L.A. sun can be. Sometimes, I feel like the plants in our yard actually glow a little bit.


Wires crossed.

I worked and worked throughout the day, only stopping to take my little patio breaks or switch a load of laundry. Then I picked up Charlie and we spent a lazy, late afternoon at Katie's. He ran through the sprinklers with GiGi and finished his fun with Popsicles. And for no reason at all, Katie, Ryan and I joined in on some Popsicle delight, too. All of us on their back patio, in the sun, with drippy, fruity, fingers, watching the kids enjoy this perfect weather.

Yes, today was a good, good day.

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