Monday, July 26, 2010

mini Picassos

Random Monday afternoon activities are my favorite. When I get an email from Katie in the morning that reads "want to come over this afternoon and paint with the kids?"

painting morads july 2010-08.JPG

Sure. Sounds good.

painting morads july 2010-26.JPG

And paint they did.

painting morads july 2010-40_edited-1.jpg

Dipped their little fingers in the trays of paint. Swirled brushes. Katie painted their bare feet and they marched all across their canvas of rolled out paper and plastic. Katie and I take turns on these occasions being mama-in-charge v. photographer. Today I was the photographer.

painting morads july 2010-45.JPG

After G ran across Katie's carpet with her smurf-blue feet, arts & crafts were over. Into the tub and off to enjoy the rest of our evening.

painting morads july 2010-34.JPG

Thanks for the festivities, Katie and Giulietta.

painting morads july 2010-62.JPG

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