Monday, July 19, 2010

celebrating Olivia Rozalyn Vue

When I returned to work a little over a year ago, I started working very closely with an amazing woman named Ngia. (Pronounced NEE-uh.) She and I are night & day, oil & water but we get along well, travel well and we're a great team at work.


She's about ready - any second - to give birth to her first baby, a little girl to be named Olivia. I was lucky enough to throw her a little baby bash this past Saturday.

baby shower collage 3

We nibbled on chicken salad and egg rolls.

baby shower collage 1

Drank 3 pitchers of Sangria.

baby shower collage 2

Decorated onesies (and found out that most of Ngia's friends, coworkers and her 46 sisters are very creative).

baby shower collage 4


baby shower collage 6

baby shower collage 5

Learned way too much about Ngia's nipples.

Opened gifts.

baby shower collage 7

And wished Ngia well.

The Vang Sisters


(Then after everyone left, I finally ate my piece of well-deserved cake.)

the shower's over

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