Saturday, July 3, 2010

almost there

We're almost past the 1 and a half year mark. Tomorrow Charlie will be 19 months old. Over the hill, on his way to 2. Two is a big milestone. I know he's technically a toddler now but in my eyes, my heart, he's my baby.

Charlie backyard June 9 2010 BLOG (467x700)

Charlie is so full of light and life. He walks through the house saying "hi" to us. And "bye" when appropriate.

pool fun on Father's Day June 2010 BLOG (28) (467x700)

He has learned how to pet Cook nicely, instead of beating the crap out of her. Marina showed us how to grab Charlie's wrist and purr "suave". That seems to slow his roll.

june 2010 backyard set1 BLOG (65) (700x467)

He's up to about 15 words. Doggie, eat, down, up, 'night-night', the usual.

Charlie's footprints June 2010 BLOG (467x700)

Charlie responds to me asking him to "please shut that drawer" and "thank you for bringing that to me". He smiles and giggles and runs away looking for the next task to please. Or the next thing to get in trouble. It's always one or the other.

charlie 18 months old BLOG june 2010 (700x558)

Chazzy runs hot or cold. He's happy, smiling, lovey. Or he's tired, grumpy, morose. It is what it is, he is who he is.

charlie osh kosh BLOG june 2010 (467x700)

He is perfectly, imperfectly, us.

june 2010 backyard set1 BLOG (12) (467x700)

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