Monday, June 7, 2010

this isn't just about oily birds and lost fishermen wages

BP is in charge of cleaning up this disaster and will not provide respirators to the men and women doing the dirty work. And of course, OSHA is backing up the claim. But if you dig deep, you'll figure out why. Liability and $$$$$$.

Crude oil exposure is toxic. All of these people who are being paid by BP to do this work WITHOUT THE PROPER gear will get sick. Many will die. But I'm sure they signed waivers. So it's ok, right? Right?

And kids that live on the gulf coast are getting rashes, headaches, respiratory issues. But according to "reports", the air quality "isn't too detrimental".

So as sad as the images of the oily ducks and the impact to the local economy is, let's not forget what's going on in the lungs and homes and doctor's offices of so many right now. And for many years to come.

And I wish I had a link to point you to for donations. But I can't find one. Which really makes me sad. But I can find many to help those birds.

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