Sunday, June 27, 2010

these 3 people

sib final

These 3 people pictured looped in my arms are so important to me, so vital, so *everything* to me. Just a little over a year ago when I got the call that it was time to get on the plane and say goodbye to Mom, it was these 3 people that were waiting at the end of the ramp at GR airport. It was these 3 people that drove me to the hospital. Who gave me peace. Who somehow kept me from cracking into a million pieces. Who gave me a reason to listen to the lady from Hospice drone on about options and dignity and all that other shit you do not want to hear when your Mom’s days are down to a few. When you feel as though your world will never be the same. That you’ll never laugh or somehow your family will never feel whole.

sib collage 1

But zoom ahead a year. To eating Glenside Pub pizza and laughing in a living room. To playing Wii dancing games and teasing each other. To sitting on the back porch of your brother’s house chit chatting with your Dad. To walking on the beach with these 3 people that lift you up and remind you that life goes on, family goes on. That this is why she birthed 3 kids (and patiently waited for Bry to marry Misty). This is why she made us ride in the car together. This is why she made me take on the Mama role. This is why she was so happy that after all those years of fighting, Bry and Steve like to go fishing together. That even though it wasn’t planned, Bry dropped to his knee in House of Chan and made Misty one of us. It was all part of her design. A screwed up, close-knit, “I’m not always happy with you but I won’t ever leave you” tribe of 4 people.

sib collage 2

And I cannot imagine going through the bad or the good without these 3 people. Thank you, Bry, Misty and Steve, for being there. Always. I love you.

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