Monday, June 28, 2010

Pops, 2010

This Father's Day almost came and went unnoticed, much to my chagrin. We've been so busy with, well, life and travel that it snuck up on us.

The weekend was spent mostly poolside and at the grill. Rich and Charlie played in the water, swimming, swirling and dunking. Charlie finally had enough and toddled his way toward the door.

father's day collage 1

Cook enjoyed her lazy (as usual) afternoons on the patio, catching flies and keeping a close eye on the 3 of us. The morning glories are in their fullest of purple glory. It was all I could do to keep Rich from hacking them off. He likes them short and neat, I like them long and swoopy. It was Father's Day and all . . . who needs to do lawn work???

father's day collage 5

The man with no regrets enjoyed a pair of new Ugg slippers from Chazzy. His previous slippers, Michigan State loafers that he stole from my Dad 7 or so years ago, were bio-hazards in our home. It was time.

father's day collage 2

Finally, in the afternoon, we hung around out front, playing around in Rich's big new toy. THE truck. Which Charlie has decided is all his. And Rich loves it that way.

father's day collage 4

Happy Father's Day, baby. You're the best.

Father's Day June 2010

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