Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Michigan photos

For those of you interested in browsing through many, many photos, I’ve uploaded every single one of our photos from The Big Michigan Trip to flickr. Flickr is free and you don’t have to log in. If you decide you want to order photos, you have to set up a free login then it passes you through to Snapfish to order. Or just let me know and I’ll set up some Snapfish albums, too.

Grab your drink of choice and get comfy . . . there are a lot of pics!

Phee Family Visit

* Includes all photos with Robin & Aidan, lunch with the Beaugrand sisters and of course, the Jackson clan.

The Lovely Crystal Visit and Raccoon Encounter (Details Later)

* And a million shots of her littlest baby for his 3 month birthday -

Cunningham Family Visit

* Aunt Janet’s –

* Aunt Dee’s -

* Traverse City & Great Wolf Lodge -

* Lake Michigan Family Photo Shoot -

* Campbell Lake (lots of Grandma Cunningham in here!) –

* Just Kayle (because I couldn’t resist) -

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