Sunday, June 27, 2010

Michigan and Traverse City

Mid trip, Misty and I packed up the kiddos & an adorable friend of Kayle’s into Bryan’s Ford and headed to Traverse City’s Wolf Lodge for a sisterly getaway. We somehow managed to get the kids into the car without having a nervous breakdown and remembering to pack swimsuits for the indoor water park and made our way to Dogs and Suds. Dogs & Suds is one of those old fashioned pull in and eat at your car drive-ins. Great way to start a perfect trip.

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The kids were perfect in the car. At least, I think they were. Misty and I were way too busy chatting, gossiping, and catching up on everything we’ve missed since we’ve seen each other 5 months ago.

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The Lodge was rustic and great and perfect for kids. The girls were unstoppable on the water slides and Charlie floated his way through every kiddie pool in the joint. We indulged in ice cream and goodies from the overpriced gift shop (thanks, Papa Dickie!).

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On our final night, we drove "into town" for a very rich pasta dinner with J-dogg at Auntie Pastas. Delicious food and company. The girls were exhausted but Charlie made it through without a meltdown.

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Stopping along the way for photos of gorgeous skies, watching the kids enjoy themselves, ride in the car with Misty with my feet on the dash (sorry, Bry) and laugh. That was my Traverse City trip. And that was wonderful.

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