Monday, June 21, 2010

Michigan and the Phees

Tom and Elaine Phee have a BIG house. Big. As in, you could fit 4 or 5 LA homes into their garage. But somehow, it always feels full and warm. My in-laws hosted Charlie and me sans Rich toward the beginning of the trip. Grandpa & Grandma babysat Charlie while Misty and I had a girls’ dinner. Elaine and I spent one afternoon sipping wine & soaking our feet in the kiddie pool while Charlie splashed around. We even snuck over to Grand Rapids for lunch with the Great Beaugrand Aunts (Lynn and Becky).

phee collage 1

phee collage 2

Charlie and I were eagerly awaiting Rich’s arrival on Thursday morning, though. Once he was there, our days were filled with porch swings and strolls on the property to see Tom’s garden. He’s trying to grow carrots again. (Good luck, Tom.) The evenings were filled with the Jacksons, campfires and even a visit from Thom, Sandy and their pack of dogs.

phee collage 4

phee collage 9

It’s nice to see Rich REALLY relax. To sit on the porch and laugh and talk with his mom, his dad. To take all of the kids on tractor rides. To make campfires that reach the sky and are so hot that we have to move our chairs inside to enjoy.

phee collage 3

phee collage 11

I love watching Rich do all these things. Eating all the yummy things that Elaine effortlessly whips up. Dancing in the living room. Catching up with Robin. Seeing the little ones run around the woods. Laughing with Cristin. This did involve me falling off the kitchen stool . . . that damn Bruce!

phee collage 10

phee collage 7
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The Phees are full of life and energy and their home feels like a summer resort. Thank you for everything, Tom and Elaine.

phee collage 6

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