Sunday, June 27, 2010

Michigan and My Mom's Sisters

I have the best Aunts, I really do. The first day we landed, Aunt Dee Dee hosted a lunch at her house so the cousins and their babies could get together. My Dad drove Charlie and me over so we could visit and it was nice to see the baby derby in the house. And to catch up with family that I ordinarily don’t see or have 5 minutes with at the holidays. And I love Dee Dee’s sloppy joes!

aunts collage 1

Janet let Charlie and I, otherwise known as This Motley Crew, stay in her house. She did our laundry, made us sandwiches, chased Charlie around and gave me refuge from some sadness that was hitting me pretty hard at the time.

Janet and Dave hosted a dinner at their home Sunday night so my family, Janet and Dave and the Mardi/David clan could all get together. This is exactly why I love coming back in the summer so much better than Christmas.

aunts collage 2

aunts collage 3

aunts collage 4

Uncle Dave taught Charlie how to growl and Charlie reminded Uncle Dave how busy little 18 month old boys are. Aunt Janet, Grandma and us took a leisurely trip to Applebee’s and Wal-mart. Just the normal stuff that I miss out on not living around there.

Thank you, Janet. Sorry that Charlie gave you hell those few days. But with 4 other grandchildren, I know you’re used to it. For letting me use your van, for being Hotel Brott, for being Gramma Janet, for letting me cry and whine on your shoulder and for being such a good friend to me. Love you.

large aunts photo

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