Sunday, June 20, 2010

Michigan and my Crystal

Where to begin, where to begin. It’s always an adventure with Crystal. Pretty much from the day we met 10 years ago and every second there forward. Most of it, not bloggable. But this visit, definitely bloggable.

I pull up to a beautiful house in the burbs of Detroit. The house that I saw “before” photos of and I have no doubt that Crystal and John put every ounce of sweat they had into turning it into the home it is now. GOR-GE-OUS. In typical Crystal fashion, there’s something hung on every way, perfectly coordinated towels in every bathroom, and sweet babies around every corner.

The first day started with us carting the kids to the Detroit zoo. But not before we trolled Crystal’s sub for some leftover garage sale items and forgot to close the minivan door as we headed out. Mothers of the year. I was seriously considering a roadie of wine at that point.

crys collage 1

crys collage 2a

The zoo showcased not only the wildlife in the cages but also the local wildlife of Detroit. The best part of this woman in pink (note the “I like Six” shirt) is her bellowing after her children in the “Ice Wall” exhibit (where children are welcome to touch real ice walls with their hands): “Hey now! Tell your brothers and sisters to stop lickin’ that wall!”

After a giraffe performing a highly inappropriate act on a fence post, a donkey that scared the bejeezus out of Jack and some insanely messy ice cream cones, it was time to head back to home front.

crys collage 3

crysl collage 4

crys collage 5

We spent the sunset sipping wine, lounging in adirondack chairs in her backyard, watching the boys play in the woods. But alas, Charlie was clingy, tired, grumpy, whiny, the usual. And much like the relationship Crys and I have, the boys mirrored it before our eyes. Charlie started boo-hooing. And Jack pointed at him and mocked with immense pleasure: “Waa waa baby!”

crys collage 6

crys collage 7

After Crystal and I tried not to laugh out loud at the mocking, it was time for baths, bedtime and (fingers crossed) wine for the Mamas. The boys finally went down (after multiple attempts for me to get Waa Waa Baby down) and Crys and I snuggled up downstairs for some mindless TV, wine, Oreos and good ol’ fashioned catching up.

crys collage 8

One of the things I love about her is that she listens. Listens well. And then gently points out the things I need to hear. Details not necessary here but it’s this aspect of our friendship that I need. And I’m thankful for.

So somewhere in the middle of all that listening and talking and laughing and drinking, we had to protect the home, the children, we had to hit the alarm. Picture this: us – on the couch, drinking wine, eating Double Stuff Oreos. Suddenly there’s a noise in the garage but Crys assures me it must just be raccoons (from my long gone MI days, this makes sense). We get up, wobbly, to investigate anyway. As we approach the inner garage door, the doorknob jiggles back and forth. That’s it, the adrenaline hits us both like a strike of lightning. Crystal hits the “call someone to save my ass” button on her home alarm and pushes herself up against the door, Charlie’s Angels style to keep the murderous intruders in the garage. I dance around calling 911 in the kitchen hoping I can remember her street address and flipping on every light in the house. The house that I was gushing over 10 minutes before and suddenly reminds me of a scene out of “Scream”. Crystal instructs me to hide the Double Stuff Oreos and wine because certainly we don’t want to po-po to implicate us in any of this.

The po-po came. The perp was a raccoon who knocked a 2 liter of pop down onto the door handle. Because we left the garage door open like the Mothers of the Year that we are. That was all folks . . . and good night.

Sunday morning brought a lovely morning of Crystal and me chatting while we got ready in her vanity and the boys played in the laundry. And baby Ryan babbling like a perfect angel on the bed. It was his 3 month birthday so I took 5,679 photos of him for Crystal before I left. I hope she was able to pick a few she liked.

Thank you for the hospitality, the Oreos, the adrenaline rush and of course, the never ending friendship Crystal. I love you.

Crystal & Marci

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