Sunday, June 27, 2010

Michigan and my Charlie

c big first

This trip was supposed to be about me closing out a year since my Mom’s going
away. It was supposed to be about visiting friends and family who live so far away from us. It was supposed to be about a much needed break from work and life and the grind.

c collage 1

Somehow, it ended up giving me incredible moments with Charlie that I never would’ve had. A gift that I’m grateful for. A long drive along I-96, singing along to the radio, Charlie kicking his feet and smiling. Snuggling together in our friends’ and families’ beds. Watching him play with his cousins, remembering how I used to do the very same thing and the joy it brought me. Floating with a serene smile as if there’s no better place in the world along the Crooked Creek at Great Wolf.

c collage 2

Life goes on. Love goes on. Charlie reminded me.

c big final

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