Monday, June 21, 2010

Michigan and the Cunninghams

The beginning of my trip (after the Detroit stint) started with the Cunningham clan. Charlie and I parked our gear, headed to Bry and Misty’s house and used it as home base. We had many a breakfast at Toast & Jam’s. We visited with Grandmas. I worked out of my Dad’s office while Grandma Elaine and Gramma Janet babysat Charlie. Kayle was beyond patient with Charlie grabbing all the pretty things off her dresser and throwing them on the floor. Aunt Misty even introduced Charlie to his very first M&M . . . and sure as hell he loved it. (A Cunningham through & through.) Misty and I took a late night trip to Meijer’s (God, I miss Meijer’s) while Uncle Bry babysat Chazzy. Apparently, the two hung out in the laundry room.

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I dined with my dear friend Lynnie at the Hearthstone. She had the healthy salad & a soda. I threw back a glass of wine and a very rich crepe dish. But we dished on men and life and caught up as though a day hadn’t passed since we’ve seen each other last. Enjoyed a solo dinner with Dad at Docker’s. We had the world’s newest and most sunburned waitress. But also a nice dinner overlooking the bay.

Cunningham collage 8

Sarah (Steve’s girl) helped with Charlie and took many photos . . . she was my #1 guest photographer. She even indulged in a glass of wine or two with us. Jason & Ashley brought the chicklets over for dinner on Sunday night which resulted in mass piano playing and baby derby in the living room. Ashley stayed on into the evening for some wine (which Kayle was fortunate enough to join past her bedtime – apple juice in her glass, of course) to gossip at the table in our sweats late into the night.

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Misty’s friend Suzie, Nicest Girl in the World, came by with her twins and let me take pictures. Twin boys. I was in heaven. And Rich, I want another baby, pronto.

cunningham collage 13

There was a night that Misty and I cuddled in bed to watch Brothers & Sisters, kicking Bry out to the living room although he had to get up in a few short hours for work. Very little drama, lots of hanging around, chasing Charlie, eating ice cream, gossiping, a bit of shopping, cleaning Kayle’s room, walking on the beach, running some errands, watching Bry mow the lawn. You know, the usual.

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And I loved it. Even when I seemed tired and stressed and grumpy. I stilled loved it. And love all of you, Cunninghams.

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