Monday, June 21, 2010

Michigan and Aunt Bob

Charlie has 2 cousins, Aidan and Kayle. Aidan is Rich’s sister’s son, just 9 months older than Chazzy and lives down in the Chicago area. Which means there’s a heck of a drive involved when we all get together.

robin collage 5

robin collage 4

Robin almost wasn’t able to make it up to Muskegon at the last minute but I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am that she made it. Somehow it made the visit feel whole.

robin collage 1

The boys played. They swung at Whippi Dip while we were forced to eat their ice cream. They had stroller wars while we shopped at Younkers for swimsuits and shoes. We drank wine and sat on the porch while they conspired to do things that only 2 year olds conspire to do in the back yard.

robin collage 3

robin collage 2

Aidan, in his sweet voice, called “Charrrrrrr-liiiiiiieeeee” every morning. Charlie now calls Robin “Bob”. So she’s officially Aunt Bob.

robin collage 6

They hung on Grandpa Phee’s lap. Grandma Elaine gave them baths and fed them Finnish pancakes. It was, all in all, a cousin retreat. And just as I had imagined. Thanks, Robin, for making the drive.

robin collage 7 single photo

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