Friday, June 4, 2010

1.5 years

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Although you're entering the year & a half mark by slapping me as if you're my pimp and I didn't make employee of the month, I forgive you. Because you're also smiling, hugging, kissing, climbing, laughing, and dancing, I know the slapping is a phase. (Right? It's a phase, right?)

We just returned from a 2 week vacation in Michigan where much of it was spent hanging out, mama and son. And I loved it. You're a fun little boy, Charlie, and you're growing so fast. It's already been 18 months.

From the photos below, you can see that we're trying to break you of the pacifier habit and you're trying to break us down with tantrums. I'm sure we'll meet in the middle somewhere.

We love you. Happy Birthday, buck-a-roo.

Mom & Pops

Charlie 18 months old

Charlie 18 months old

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