Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mama's Day 2010

My entire weekend was spent with Rich being extra nice to me, which made me suspicious. (As in, was there a classic car being delivered to our house in a few days?) But no, it was all in an effort to ensure I had a wonderful 2nd Mother's Day. And I did.

This morning started with me sleeping in. Coffee. Mimosas. Omelets. Lounging around. Getting my nails done. Going with my boys to EJ Malloys in Long Beach for a glass of wine and a sandwich. And just sitting outside at one of my favorite spots in all of Long Beach.

Then back home. More lounging. And watching Rich be the spectacular Dad and husband that he is. And watch Charlie joyfully play and babble. And get into all the stuff I just put away in this room. I guess it's back to life as normal now.

Oh, and Rich took all of these photos of me today. Another Mother's Day treat. He's learning how to use this big ol' camera of ours and is slightly less embarrassed that he looks like the paparazzi in our front yard.

Mother's Day collage

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