Thursday, April 22, 2010

things remembered

My brother and his girlfriend packed up & shipped out some items from Michigan this week. In the box were a tricycle for Charlie, some of my Mom's sweaters and these. This mirrored plate that she used to put her lotions and perfume on. And this glass ring holder that sat on her
dresser as long as I have memory.

I used to go in her room and rummage through her lotions on this mirrored plate. I'd spray her perfumes and check my hair in her bedroom vanity. She always had great lighting in her room. Ambient and soft.

As I got older and would come home to visit, I no longer rummaged and sprayed perfume. But instead, when I would talk to her about the big things, or just idle gossip, I'd stand at her dresser and mindlessly line up her lotion bottles on this plate while we chatted. I can still hear the sounds they would make.

And smell her perfume.

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