Monday, April 19, 2010

real. life.

I've noticed that many other Mommy Blogs, friends' websites, etc, only show photos of their homes when they're spotless. Show homes. Perfection. Not a thing out of place. And God knows I'm guilty of it. I've been known to make Chazzy scoot over a few feet so I don't
capture the pile of towels in the shot or to even PhotoShop out the nicks in the cabinets. (Yes, I'm crazy. I'm aware.) But with Rich being sick last week. Charlie being sick. Me being tired. I mean lazy - and getting ready for this trip, I decided to take a few photos of what our home looks like when I'm 100% in charge of the upkeep. Please be warned, it's not pretty.

Aunt Janet, I'm so sorry. I'm embarrassed to show you the amount of dust on these blinds but it's somehow freeing to do so. I'm apologizing directly to you because I think open heart surgery could be performed on your bathroom floors they're so clean.

I actually put my shoes on my couch. Yup. Because I irrationally thought Cook would chew them. We've only had her 4 years and she's never chewed a single shoe. But in the rare event she might develop a shoe appetite, I put them on the couch. Instead of in the closet where they belong.

Charlie actually tripped over that pile of shoes trying to strangle himself with the cords to my dusty blinds. And that blue blanket on the red chair. That's to catch the dog hair. From the dog that isn't supposed to be on the furniture ever but lays on that damn chair all day while we're away. There's enough hair up there to knit 10 sweaters.

Don't even ask me about this corner of toy hell. And one dirty Michigan State sweatshirt. Ugh.

The bar in our kitchen has become the random catch-all for our junk, including Cook's dishes. Because if we leave them on the floor, Charlie eats her dog food. Which isn't a bad idea if I don't feel like cooking. I just think it's heavy in sodium so I put the dishes up. No idea why that big Tupperware dish is laying there.

Empty Gatorade bottles, Charlie's highchair tray, but thank God we have massive amounts of cheap wine. Because that's important. Right next to the spray cleaner I should use.

When I see the kitchen like this, I just quickly pour a glass of wine, make sure Charlie isn't pulling on the cord to the dusty blinds, and go read my old lady Redbook magazine. Right next to the shoes on my couch.


Anonymous said...

Too funny Marci!

Mason said...

You are too funny.... I have a couple "Toy" corners in my living room as well. I love this!