Tuesday, April 13, 2010

green thumb

Sunday was the 2nd annual planting of the "tomat-er" plants (as Rich calls them). To our surprise and delight, we planted them last year and they grew. And were edible. Besides, Tom was over last weekend bragging about his super cilantro so it's on, Tom. It's on!

Here Rich is reading the planting instructions on the Burpee Big Boys. (Hee, hee. The name cracks me up. Because I'm 12.)

We planted those Burpee Big Boys right next to the Bougainvillea. The reason we have Bougainvillea is because if it can grow alongside the freeway, it can grow in our backyard.

Finally, plants in the ground. In 60 - 75 days, we should have some Big Boys on these vines. And some tomat-ers in my salad!

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