Friday, April 30, 2010

such a big boy

This picture reminds me that Charlie is no longer a baby. He helps us pick things up around the house, he has opinions (yes to sweet potato fries, no to green beans). Yesterday he was sad when I dropped him at Marina's house. For the first time in over a year of going to her house, he didn't want me to leave. I had to give 2 extra hugs and kisses. And then I cried in my car.

Then today I find this photo from the weekend. And he looks like a little boy. Not the small, delicate, "oh my God you're going to break" infant that we brought home from the hospital almost 17 months ago.

Life moves so fast. Enjoy the ride.

big boy

Rich has a new love

A 1963 truck.

He's been lusting after her for weeks. Slowing down to stalk her as he drives to work. She flaunts her shiny red paint in a driveway just before the freeway entrance ramp. Finally, a for sale sign went up.

And from that moment, Rich has spoken of nothing but this truck. He's now researching her, some background checks. His father and I are encouraging him to play the field of classic cars before marrying this hussy but we'll see what happens . . .

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Great Wolf, here we come!

For my upcoming MI trip, Kayle, Misty, Chazzy and I will livin' it up for 2 nights in this suite at Great Wolf! What a treat do something so fun with my sis and niece. And I'm very excited about the road trip to Traverse City . . . and dinner with J-dogg AND possibly touring Chateau Chantal winery!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Charlie loves this cup. He walks around with it permanently attached to his mouth, even if it's empty.

Sunday dinner with TomMish

Sunday was one of those days. The kind that starts with all sorts of good intentions like "I'm going to tackle all of the laundry, pack for my trip, solve world hunger, etc". And ends with none of your list being done and your friends coming over to mass chaos.

Thankfully Tom and Mish roll with the punches. They not only brought everything to make our delicious philly cheese steak sandwiches (Cali style), they brought flowers to congratulate my sales award, cooked the dinner, cleaned up after dinner AND played with Chazzy.

Seriously. Where do these people come from? On Sunday, it felt like heaven. Thanks, Tom and Michelle.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Riding around with Mommy

Do you ever have one of those days where you're in a bad mood, anxious, restless but your kid is in the best mood? And somehow, he lifts you up? Even from the backseat of your filthy, dirty car?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

a real page-turner

Charlie did a good job 'reading' his book today. Until some shiny thing outside the door distracted him.

Side note: My Mom gave him this shirt before he was born. I never thought he'd fit into it . . . and it fits him perfectly now, in all of his 26 pound glory.

shot of the day

shot of the day

And I don't really learn by doing. I've read that whole manual for this camera.

these are my favorite pajamas (of Charlie's, not mine)

And this is his favorite small appliance to drag around the house.

what, Ma?!?!

I just want you to read the manual for your camera . . . so you can stop taking 1200 shots of me per day to "learn by doing".

Thursday, April 22, 2010


[new & improved photo coming soon]

Thanks, Papa Dickie, for the trike!

Charlie and Cook were all over that box of goodies tonight - they "helped" Rich put it together. I sat on the couch with a glass of wine like a good spectator.

things remembered

My brother and his girlfriend packed up & shipped out some items from Michigan this week. In the box were a tricycle for Charlie, some of my Mom's sweaters and these. This mirrored plate that she used to put her lotions and perfume on. And this glass ring holder that sat on her
dresser as long as I have memory.

I used to go in her room and rummage through her lotions on this mirrored plate. I'd spray her perfumes and check my hair in her bedroom vanity. She always had great lighting in her room. Ambient and soft.

As I got older and would come home to visit, I no longer rummaged and sprayed perfume. But instead, when I would talk to her about the big things, or just idle gossip, I'd stand at her dresser and mindlessly line up her lotion bottles on this plate while we chatted. I can still hear the sounds they would make.

And smell her perfume.

I missed him, and he missed me

I missed him.

When I picked Charlie up from the babysitter's house yesterday, he was
exhausted. But he looked up smiled, climbed into my arms and
immediately fell asleep on my shoulder.

And I fell in love all over again.

hoop dreams

Charlie has been lusting over our neighbor kid's basketball hoop. As in, we can't spend anytime outside because Charlie tries to run over to their yard and play with their basketball hoop.

Tonight, I couldn't take it anymore. After 2 temper tantrums and a few cases of Charlie trespassing on the neighbor's lawn, I bought him his own b-ball hoop.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rich is fine

Sorry to scare everyone.

He's fine. He does have pneumonia - so feel free to harass him and lecture him about working instead or resting like he should. But it's nothing more than that, we just spent a millisecond worried that it was.

But it's not. And I'm sorry if I scared everyone with my previous post.

But I still want to take that trip to Spain.


Tonight I won a sales award at work, Experian Elite. Which means Rich and I get to spend a week in Hawaii to celebrate the success of the past year.

This photo is of me, wearing my honorary lei of beads after a long night of celebrating with my work folks. Otherwise known as "the best people on earth".

I'm lucky. And I work hard. And 2010 has been so radically different than 2009. And I'm grateful.

And tired. Goodnight, y'all.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

curve ball

Sometimes life scares the shit out of you. Then life reminds you that you're lucky and it's a good, good life. And that your husband/best friend/baby-daddy is the best human being on earth. Sometimes this all happens in 12 hours. And then you go back to your conference, and to work, and to picking up the kids and cleaning the house. But make sure you take a few minutes to stop and think about the stuff that really matters.

And hey, Rich, I want to book that trip to Spain.


curve ball

Monday, April 19, 2010

plaid shorts

real. life.

I've noticed that many other Mommy Blogs, friends' websites, etc, only show photos of their homes when they're spotless. Show homes. Perfection. Not a thing out of place. And God knows I'm guilty of it. I've been known to make Chazzy scoot over a few feet so I don't
capture the pile of towels in the shot or to even PhotoShop out the nicks in the cabinets. (Yes, I'm crazy. I'm aware.) But with Rich being sick last week. Charlie being sick. Me being tired. I mean lazy - and getting ready for this trip, I decided to take a few photos of what our home looks like when I'm 100% in charge of the upkeep. Please be warned, it's not pretty.

Aunt Janet, I'm so sorry. I'm embarrassed to show you the amount of dust on these blinds but it's somehow freeing to do so. I'm apologizing directly to you because I think open heart surgery could be performed on your bathroom floors they're so clean.

I actually put my shoes on my couch. Yup. Because I irrationally thought Cook would chew them. We've only had her 4 years and she's never chewed a single shoe. But in the rare event she might develop a shoe appetite, I put them on the couch. Instead of in the closet where they belong.

Charlie actually tripped over that pile of shoes trying to strangle himself with the cords to my dusty blinds. And that blue blanket on the red chair. That's to catch the dog hair. From the dog that isn't supposed to be on the furniture ever but lays on that damn chair all day while we're away. There's enough hair up there to knit 10 sweaters.

Don't even ask me about this corner of toy hell. And one dirty Michigan State sweatshirt. Ugh.

The bar in our kitchen has become the random catch-all for our junk, including Cook's dishes. Because if we leave them on the floor, Charlie eats her dog food. Which isn't a bad idea if I don't feel like cooking. I just think it's heavy in sodium so I put the dishes up. No idea why that big Tupperware dish is laying there.

Empty Gatorade bottles, Charlie's highchair tray, but thank God we have massive amounts of cheap wine. Because that's important. Right next to the spray cleaner I should use.

When I see the kitchen like this, I just quickly pour a glass of wine, make sure Charlie isn't pulling on the cord to the dusty blinds, and go read my old lady Redbook magazine. Right next to the shoes on my couch.

paci throwing, take 2,754

In addition to throwing his pacifier in Mass, at Target, in the car, out of his crib, at the dog, and when we're taking a wagon ride down the street, Charlie now throws his paci into the pool.

Which is better than the handful of rocks that he threw in the other day.

dirt pie

As any little boy does, Charlie loves getting his hands dirty. I enjoyed his dirty bliss up until the moment the dirt hit his mouth. Then - like any good mother, I laughed, carefully set my fancy camera down, and ran over to clear his mouth. You can see the progression of happy "dirt fun" to "dirt tastes bad" to "daddy's going to take my hand & give me water" in these photos. Enjoy.