Friday, March 26, 2010

wild nights

My, how life changes.

It's 9 pm on a Friday night. Rich just came in to tell me that while I'm redesigning our blog (not a shocking thing for me on a Friday night, once a geek, always a geek), he caught himself doing the following:

  • Wrestling on the floor with a whining 15 month old
  • Pouring a sippy cup of milk instead of wine
  • Humming a church hymn (yeah, that one really shocked me)
For those of you who know Rich, he was a wild child back in the day. As in, he probably should have some aliases. And he'll probably go to bed soon because he has a big day tomorrow. He's taking Charlie for a hair cut. And we all know how taxing a hair cut can be. Whew.

Thank God he still lets his tats fly as he rides that Harley on Sundays on his way to the biker bar. You know, if the Starbucks is too busy.

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