Sunday, March 21, 2010

watch out world, he can walk

Apologies for the poor video footage. Our Flip camera is down at Marina's and I'm not too familiar with this video camera. And Charlie didn't feel like cooperating - there's a tiny bit of walking in here but lots of funny antics. And as usual, Cook had to insert her hairy dog butt into nearly every frame.

But for the past two weeks, Charlie has been testing the waters. He would walk a few steps independently then plop down. But all of a sudden Friday night, he decided to traverse the living room. He looked as us like, "What? You've never seem anyone ambulatory before?" As we were wide mouthed-edge of our seats ready to scream and clap. From that point on, he's walking about 50% of the time but resorting to what's easiest, crawling, the other 50%. That's the lazy gene he gets from me. You'll also see some crazy balancing and climbing in this video. Yes he fell. Yes he hit his head. Yes we felt bad but he's ok.

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