Thursday, March 4, 2010


Happy Fifteen Month Birthday, Charlie!

In the past month, you’ve improved your cruising skills. You’re upright more than you’re crawling but you still don’t want to walk all on your own. But there was that one night 2 weeks ago that you walked all by yourself from the den closet to the futon. I’ll savor that memory until you’re ready to go it on your own. Which will be soon, I’m sure. You’re sleeping the night through in your crib, thank God. You’re going to mass with us and you’re playing independently which much less whining.

You’ve weighed in at 25 lbs, 1 oz. You’re wearing size 18 months clothes and you still hate to be changed in or out of those clothes. You scream like a banshee whenever we change you . . . and you kick your feet so hard on the changing table, I’m certain you’re going to bust through it. Your normal bed time is inching closer to 8:30, which is better for you. Because you wake up the happiest little boy in the world. You crawl around, eating your graham cracker, dumping milk out of your sippy cup and terrorizing Cook. You think it’s funny to watch Daddy shave and you’re always trying to climb into the shower. You’ll actually dip one toe over the edge of the shower and as soon as I say “Nooooooo, Charlie” you squeal and high-tail it out of the bathroom.

You’ve also discovered a love of music. As soon as you hear the beat, you start rocking out. You’ll drop your toys, your paci, the electrical cord you’re trying to pull out of the wall, and start bopping away. Marina (your ever-lovin’ babysitter) claims you do the same thing at her house, too. It makes us happy that you seem to find joy in so many things. Because Rich and I are the same way, baby. And it’s one of our wishes for you.

So Happy Birthday, bubbylicious. Continue to find joy.


Mom and Pop

Photo of Charlie on his 3 month birthday, 1 year ago today:

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