Monday, February 15, 2010

Phee Family DAY OF FUN

Today is a day off work for both Rich and me, which meant Phee Family DAY OF FUN! (And you must yell and clap your hands as you say "DAY OF FUN!" - it really annoys Rich.) We intended to take Charlie to the doctor for a routine visit, head to Schooner for breakfast then the L.A. Zoo for some wild animal fun. Best laid plans.

The doctor visit took an hour. Schooner was so busy we went somewhere else. (And were very disappointed.) Headed up the 5 to the zoo only to realize that half of L.A. had the same DAY OF FUN idea that we did. There was literally a line of cars stopped on the freeway waiting to enter the zoo. Did I mention Charlie was throwing things from the backseat and screaming by this point? Hell no we weren't waiting in that freeway line.

So Griffith Park it was. Details below.
Charlie rode around in the Radio Flyer his Grandpa & Grandma Phee gave him. He loves it. And he loves ejecting things out of it.

Of course I make Rich do all the pulling. He wore one of those super-wicking sweat golf shirts just for the occasion.

He looks a little tired, doesn't he?

$2 for the carousel ride. $2 each, kid and parent. As if I could let Charlie ride on that scary ride all by himself. He was so psyched for this ride. As soon as he heard the music, he tried to escape the wagon.

Griffith Park carousel.

No DAY OF FUN is complete without Rich eating street vendor/carnival food. Case in point.

I had more fun on this thing than Charlie. And he had a lot of fun after he got over his initial 5 seconds of "get me off this thing" fear.

Such a big boy. Griffith Park has a large play area where we hung out for a while. Even the ice cream man was there. Sorry, no shots of Rich eating his ice cream sandwich.

Rich, wiping Charlie's nose with his shirt. Awwww. Dads.

Charlie can't be within 2 feet of Rich without looking at him with hero worship. This was the best shot I could get.

Time for a drink break.

Lounging. Ready to head home.

He was asleep before we hit the freeway.

Rich was tired of me taking photos. Love the Bluetooth, nerd.

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Gabe said...

I feel your pain man... as you saw this weekend I have to live with a lot of photo taking. I also have a cool Bluetooth, so shut it Marci. I really had a great time with you guys Saturday. Thanks for showing us around.