Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Penn & Teller

I’m NEVER bringing Rich to the doctor with us again. Here’s why –

Side note before my “Rich can never come to the doctor again” story, we talked to the doctor about our concerns of childhood obesity. He assured us that Charlie is not within the range of obese and that we’re feeding him the right things. As the doc is saying this, Charlie climbs onto this plastic truck and breaks it in half. The doc just looks down and says “I think Charlie’s going to be just fine. If he doesn’t kill himself first.”

Back to the Rich story. I’m trying to have this serious conversation with the doctor regarding sleep patterns, discipline, development milestones, the usual. I notice the doctor can’t focus and is looking over at Rich and Charlie. The two of them are sitting on the bench (Charlie in a shirt, diaper, and shoes) making crazy faces in the mirror, cracking up and eating a ridiculous amount of Goldfish crackers out of a Ziploc bag. As Charlie’s squealing and dropping bits of cracker on the floor, the doc says “You may want to lay off those crackers.”

Seriously?!?! I’m trying to discuss discipline and boundaries and Rich is over there feeding Charlie like a circus monkey, making THE weirdest faces in the mirror. I can’t take these two anywhere.

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