Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Innovating Play Since 1917

Grandpa & Grandma Phee gave Charlie a Radio Flyer wagon as a gift in December. Rich and I are debating if it was a Christmas or birthday gift. I guess this is the pain of having a birthday near the holidays . . . I get it now. Anyway, we took Charlie to the Seal Beach pier on Valentine’s Day for its official maiden voyage.

He loved the wagon, loved the pier, love the surfers. He spent the entire trip down the pier saying, “Oohhh, ahhh, oooh, ahhh” and pointing at the water. Toward the end of the pier, the bumps got to him a bit and puked all down his shirt. But no worries, he just wiped his mouth on his sleeve, smiled, and kept enjoying the ride. That’s my boy.

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