Sunday, February 28, 2010

He's not a vegetarian

So we're watching Food Network and they're making these killer roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon. Rich has always stated he hates sprouts.

I point at the TV and say, "Why don't we make them like that? Maybe you'd like them?"

Rich replies with "Why don't you just kick me in the nuts & then just give me a burger?"

That settles it - I'm going to get my steel-toed boots.

Friday, February 26, 2010

the source of the fever

My homecoming gift last night was Charlie sitting straight up in bed, chanting Mama, with a 101.1 fever.
Found the source.
The new upper tooth that just broke through the gums today. That brings the current dental count to 6: 3 on top, 3 on bottom. At least we have some symmetry.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quote of the day

Me to Rich: Babe, just one more night and I'll be home. That's good, right?

Rich: Nah. I've gotten the hang of things around here. We don't need you anymore.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is what I get to see on Skype when I travel for work. My beautiful husband and son all comfy at home, enjoying their night.
And me, in a Sheraton, missing home.

Monday, February 22, 2010


A great big HUGE thank you to Katie aka world’s-best-neighbor-and-friend for taking me out Sunday! As a 33rd birthday gift, Katie took me wine tasting (which included the best cheese I’ve had ever in my life) and a spa visit at Complexions.

So thoughtful as usual. And so much appreciated.

Thank you, Katie!

The Belated Birthday Girl

From Life in General

Sunday, February 21, 2010

mad editing skills

I asked Rich to learn how to edit photos in our software, Picnik. He rolled his eyes and said he'd take a stab at it while I packed for my business trip.
This is what I end up with. He found the "goofify" function.

Congrats, John & Crystal!

My dear friend, Crystal, just had her 2nd little boy last Monday. Ryan Jason Ceo.

Now big brother Jack has someone to pick on!

Yum! Yum!

I was sorting through Charlie's bookshelf this weekend and came across
this DVD that someone loaned me while I was pregnant.

When I was pregnant and anxious and a crazy woman, I took this DVD
very seriously. Of course the cover photo of this weird looking baby
smooshed up against a woman in a push-up bra that has CLEARLY never
had children made perfect sense. I was sure it was full of amazing
lessons on breastfeeding and bonding.

Now it just makes me laugh. Really, really hard.

this sweater

Charlie. In this sweater. Just cracks me up.

It was especially cold here that day. Like 62 degrees.

my future's so bright

paci throwing in the house of the Lord

Today was the first Mass I've attended since everything happened last May. We decided to bring Charlie to the first Sunday of Lent. We hoped a diaper bag full of Goldfish, books, and pacifiers would keep him occupied. We were wrong.

As usual, we were running out the door a little late. But Charlie was dressed in his Sunday best. Basically, in the only pair of pants he owns that aren't denim or camo. Mass begins and Charlie is in awe of the chanting, singing, kneeling/standing/kneeling/standing routine that we Catholics do. But after 10 minutes of that, he's over it.

We spent Mass trying to shush Charlie's "UH OH" as he whipped his paci across the pew and pelted the guy in the back of the head in front of us. Or apologizing profusely after Charlie crawled under my feet and grabbed the waistband of the pants of the nice lady in front of us, pulling her pants down. Not surprisingly, she moved before the Homily. Oh, and after each prayer or song, Charlie clapped and "OOOHHHH" as if it were American Idol.

Needless to say, we left right after communion. And headed straight to Hennessey's for an Irish Catholic breakfast of mimosas. Where Charlie smashed the glass ketchup bottle into the sidewalk.

Good Lord.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Penn & Teller

I’m NEVER bringing Rich to the doctor with us again. Here’s why –

Side note before my “Rich can never come to the doctor again” story, we talked to the doctor about our concerns of childhood obesity. He assured us that Charlie is not within the range of obese and that we’re feeding him the right things. As the doc is saying this, Charlie climbs onto this plastic truck and breaks it in half. The doc just looks down and says “I think Charlie’s going to be just fine. If he doesn’t kill himself first.”

Back to the Rich story. I’m trying to have this serious conversation with the doctor regarding sleep patterns, discipline, development milestones, the usual. I notice the doctor can’t focus and is looking over at Rich and Charlie. The two of them are sitting on the bench (Charlie in a shirt, diaper, and shoes) making crazy faces in the mirror, cracking up and eating a ridiculous amount of Goldfish crackers out of a Ziploc bag. As Charlie’s squealing and dropping bits of cracker on the floor, the doc says “You may want to lay off those crackers.”

Seriously?!?! I’m trying to discuss discipline and boundaries and Rich is over there feeding Charlie like a circus monkey, making THE weirdest faces in the mirror. I can’t take these two anywhere.

Innovating Play Since 1917

Grandpa & Grandma Phee gave Charlie a Radio Flyer wagon as a gift in December. Rich and I are debating if it was a Christmas or birthday gift. I guess this is the pain of having a birthday near the holidays . . . I get it now. Anyway, we took Charlie to the Seal Beach pier on Valentine’s Day for its official maiden voyage.

He loved the wagon, loved the pier, love the surfers. He spent the entire trip down the pier saying, “Oohhh, ahhh, oooh, ahhh” and pointing at the water. Toward the end of the pier, the bumps got to him a bit and puked all down his shirt. But no worries, he just wiped his mouth on his sleeve, smiled, and kept enjoying the ride. That’s my boy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

do you think this is neurotic or OCD?

I heard on a TV show years ago (yes, it was Oprah) that you should replace your pillows every 6 months. And so we do.

BUT, not only do we replace them, we label them with our names and dates of purchase.

Go ahead, make fun of us. But we're the ones with extra firm, parasite-free pillows.

Phee Family DAY OF FUN

Today is a day off work for both Rich and me, which meant Phee Family DAY OF FUN! (And you must yell and clap your hands as you say "DAY OF FUN!" - it really annoys Rich.) We intended to take Charlie to the doctor for a routine visit, head to Schooner for breakfast then the L.A. Zoo for some wild animal fun. Best laid plans.

The doctor visit took an hour. Schooner was so busy we went somewhere else. (And were very disappointed.) Headed up the 5 to the zoo only to realize that half of L.A. had the same DAY OF FUN idea that we did. There was literally a line of cars stopped on the freeway waiting to enter the zoo. Did I mention Charlie was throwing things from the backseat and screaming by this point? Hell no we weren't waiting in that freeway line.

So Griffith Park it was. Details below.
Charlie rode around in the Radio Flyer his Grandpa & Grandma Phee gave him. He loves it. And he loves ejecting things out of it.

Of course I make Rich do all the pulling. He wore one of those super-wicking sweat golf shirts just for the occasion.

He looks a little tired, doesn't he?

$2 for the carousel ride. $2 each, kid and parent. As if I could let Charlie ride on that scary ride all by himself. He was so psyched for this ride. As soon as he heard the music, he tried to escape the wagon.

Griffith Park carousel.

No DAY OF FUN is complete without Rich eating street vendor/carnival food. Case in point.

I had more fun on this thing than Charlie. And he had a lot of fun after he got over his initial 5 seconds of "get me off this thing" fear.

Such a big boy. Griffith Park has a large play area where we hung out for a while. Even the ice cream man was there. Sorry, no shots of Rich eating his ice cream sandwich.

Rich, wiping Charlie's nose with his shirt. Awwww. Dads.

Charlie can't be within 2 feet of Rich without looking at him with hero worship. This was the best shot I could get.

Time for a drink break.

Lounging. Ready to head home.

He was asleep before we hit the freeway.

Rich was tired of me taking photos. Love the Bluetooth, nerd.

my funny Valentine

This Valentine's Day, we celebrated love by meeting up with our California family, Shoe & Marge at a restaurant in Torrance. We decided to dress Chazzy up just like Shoe. (If you know Shoe, you'll understand this outfit.)

3 to the 3

So I turned 33 this past Saturday. THIRTY THREE. I don't feel any different than I did on Friday when I was 32. But this past year has aged me a bit. So my goal this coming year is to undo some of that old foagie-ness. I'm a lucky gal wih a beautiful life. All in all, these past 32 years have been wonderful. Here's to many, many, many more.


lookin' like a fool with spinach on your face

We're so immature.

Weigh in

25 lbs, 1 oz
30.25 inches tall

the 63th percentile for weight
the 30th percentile for height

Chicken pox and MMR vaccines today. Took them like a champ, cried a little. Then he was over it and ready to go to breakfast.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'd rather be skipping

My friend just posted this photo of her 16 month old daughter skipping through the park.

I would so much rather be skipping through a park right now than sitting under fluorescent lights.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a fake brother or something

Rich and I were gently having the "when will we be crazy enough to have another child?" conversation tonight. Here's a synopsis:

Me: You don't want Charlie to be an only child, do you?

Rich: No. We could set up a fake brother or something for him online. You know, Facebook or one of those things.

I think it's going to take some time to talk Rich into B2.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Just thinking about you, Sis.

Grandma's going to be ok.

Found this GORGEOUS photo of you from the night before your wedding. Remember how much fun we had? Wanted to share your beauty with everyone.

Love you,

From Life in General

did you know these could be delivered?

This email was sitting in my Inbox this morning -

they don't deserve food

Last night, Katie and I took the kids to the park to feed the ducks. This was Charlie's first "duck feeding experience". He watched intently as Katie and G threw pieces of bread at the ducks. Katie gave him his piece of bread to throw and NOPE! Straight into his mouth. He settled onto my lap, eating his duck bread and watching the quackers converge on Katie & G for their feast.

Also, thanks Michelle, for this taking this photo of Chazzy while you babysat this past weekend. LOVES!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Elaine and her boys

My MIL and grandson and THE grandest of sons.

deep thoughts

13 months old. January 2010.

mini vacation cont'd

To celebrate my birthday, Valentine’s day, and a night away from “will you change him this time/where the hell are all his pacifiers/Charlie! don’t touch that” evening routine, Rich took me to the new W hotel in Hollywood Saturday. What a lovely, relaxing, wonderful, relaxing, quiet night! (Did I mention relaxing?) The hotel was gorgeous and the mini bar was clearly our favorite part of the stay. ;)

Thank you so much, God parents Tom & Mish, for watching the munchkin. We feel beyond lucky to have such wonderful friends.

A very RELAXED Rich & Marce

I managed to dig up a football t-shirt for Charlie

Somewhere in the closet, this t-shirt awaited the perfect occasion. Yesterday was it.

Who Dat!

Way to go, Saints!

Superbowl festivities with TomMish at the Phee’s yesterday. And Mike-from-Rich’s-work joined us, too, with his margarita maker. Yay!